Wisdom is 1

Wisdom Audio is one year old! Starting on 7th October 12am EST / 5am BST until 11:59am EST / 4:59am BST. A twenty-four hour event of mentors and speakers will be giving their insights and thoughts on how Wisdom had changed their lives and the value of the community that had built up within it.

I’ve been asked to participate and take a 1hr slot. I’ll be talking from 3am – 4am EST / 8am – 9am BST as part of this fun event, I thought I’d share some of the audio questions asked of me beginning with the one below.

Wisdom is a great place to come and listen to a range of interesting and diverse talks from people who are sharing their voice and speaking their truth. I’ve met some great people on it and made friends with some dearly held others. So come and join us, if you are intrigued…

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