When you land

So a dear friend just told me that they’ve had a secret blog or domain for a few years and I was honoured they shared it with me as not few people still know about it.

So naturally I browsed it and read the two posts to date that they’ve written for it and I loved them. Now, I’m not just saying this as said person is my friend, but they’re my friend (partially) due to and because of the way they write messages. For I’ve found that they have no filter from what originates in their mind, to what spills out into text form or when they are recording a voice message.

What I mean by this is that exactly how they think, is exactly how they verbalise it. There’s no attempt to structure it, or put it into neat little sentences, or to make sure that it follows a grammarical (there you see, they are rubbing off on me) flow. It comes out as it’s thought. Kind of like Delirium of the Endless from The Sandman fame.

Now, it took an adjustment on my part to understand this. At first I thought it was half absentmindedness and half youthfulness (they sound very young to my ears). But the more I listened and read,  then I began to realise that this stream of consciousness, was the product of an unfiltered mind.  And it was so refreshing to hear and read. To be priviy to someone’s inner thoughts.

There’s an innocence and naivety to this way of communicating that also feels natural. Where you don’t have to guard your thoughts and filter them through that modern socially and morally acceptable sieve that we’ve been conditioned into communicating from. So while not the fully unfiltered version I’ve gotten to know and love, it’s still a refreshing insight to this person’s mind, uncorrected and un-checked also.

And so my little red-headed Delirium-like friend, long may you continue to share your unfiltered mind..

Images:Deliurm of the Endless from The Sandman by Neil Gaiman.

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