Psychics and psychic scams

This post is a non-comprehensive guide on Psychics and Psychic scams. As an intuitive who has practiced this sort of work, or ability, I am aware of how this ability is preformed and what you should look out for when approaching someone for an Psychic or Intuitive reading. I’ll mention three good resources that you can go by to further your understanding and to avail off when looking for a registered Intuitive.

So firstly, Based on my own understanding, just like all other people no two Intuitives are the same. They will access and provide information in different ways according to both how they have learnt, practiced and developed their abilities. Notice that I said abilities instead of gifts. I used this as I, and many others believe that intuition can be developed and regularized on a more frequent basis in every living person. We all have this ability to some degree, but just like in every other discipline, there are extremely gifted people who are either born with a very strong Intuitive ability or it comes naturally when developing it, and who can do things that most other people can’t…

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As stated above, Intuitives are like most regular people, and they all learn and transmit information differently. When making an appointment to see an intuitive or getting an intuitive reading, be aware that if the intuitive or psychic who is giving the reading is unable to provide information or the information is very piecemeal, it is probably not that the intuitive is a fake, but could be for a variety of reasons. Like an athlete or someone who participated in mental based games such as chess or even a pub quiz, sometimes people aren’t on top of their game. It may also be that the time isn’t right for you (even if you think it is) to have a reading or to receive certain information; in fact this is a very common cause for the people being unhappy with an Intuitive reading.

They go expecting certain information will be provided, expecting certain answers (this is all too true with Mediumship, hoping that a loved one will come through) will be offered, when in fact this is how it rarely works out. Most of the time you will receive information and answers that you need right now, that are the most helpful to your current situation, not what you think you need. This is why when people return to the same (or different) Psychic Intuitive a few months after a previous reading only to receive the same information or advice; they end up disappointed and come away with the mindset that the Psychic Intuitive isn’t any good / no longer good. The most common reason for this scenario is that the person hasn’t acted upon the original / previous advice offered.

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In saying that, if a Psychic Intuitive is reputable and they are unable to give you a reading (who’s services you haven’t availed of recently), then they should be happy to offer a refund or reach an accommodation with you in regards to the fee paid or a free future reading or some other arrangement. But also keep in mind your own behaviour, because as stated, Intuitives are like any other person and don’t appreciate people who are rude, aggressive or demanding and may ask you to leave or not agree to either give a reading or provide any further services to you.

But, unfortunately like any other trade or service, there are unscrupulous people out there who would not think twice of peddling false information in order to gain money, not to mention people who with little to no training offering their ‘services’ due to ego or again seduced by financial gain. Nothing is sacrosanct in our world, even when it comes to taking advantage of peoples hopes and dreams, griefs and traumas.. In today’s information age with so much of our personal life sloshing around on the internet, (even inadvertently posted or mentioned by family members or other relations) its easier than ever to obtain information on someone through very less than psychic means. So always keep in mind what information may be available about you on the internet or social media before (or after) an intuitive reading. A good or great psychic intuitive (or medium) will be able to provide information that isn’t available elsewhere or that no-one else knows.

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Also be aware of ‘fortune telling‘, this isn’t an exact art and events and timelines can change according to how you act, this is due to the law of free will which allows us complete control over our destiny. Be very wary of asking for information pertaining to your future or having an intuitive predict it for you. A good or great Psychic Intuitive will be aware of this and will be hesitant or give conditions if they are asked for information regarding a person’s future. Look at this as more of a probability / possibility situation whereas the more possible an event, then the more probable it will occur.

Anyone who is interested in the darker side of fake Psychics would do well to either listen to the documentary / re-enactment six part mini-series called Fake Psychic relating to the world of Lamar Keene originally broadcast on the UK radio station BBC Sounds, or purchase his book, The Psychic Mafia. Its a compelling look into the devious tricks used by conmen (of his time) to gain trust and belief in the ability to contact the ‘spirit world’.

Another great resource to avail of is the website Their subsection, what you should know before consulting a psychic is a fabulous tool to learning all about your first (or your next) Psychic reading. This website gives you useful advice on psychic scams, fees, types of readings that may be best for you, and where to find the best registered Psychics in your area, by state (US only). The communications manager Diana Jacobs reached out to me and asked if I would run an article which I agreed to do only after making sure that their own website was not a scam in off itself!!!

Finally we have the book The Psychic Yellow Brick Road by Corbie Mitled, a Psychic Intuitive and past life regressionist for many, many years and, a previous guest on the podcast whose interview you can check out here.

This is the second book by Corbie and I have read it cover to cover. It gives a fascinating insight into the life of a Psychic Intuitive and covers all areas of Psychic Intuitive readings, Intuitives themselves, their different methods and approaches, how a psychic reading works, when it doesn’t work, what to expect (and not expect) from a psychic reading, how to tell if someone is genuine and the best Psychic for you, how often you should approach a Psychic as well as information on mediumship (talking to the dead), past life readings and letters to Corbie asking for advice on Psychics and Psychic readings. It a comprehensive book that leaves no stone unturned based upon her twenty plus years of giving Psychic Intuitive readings. I’ve actually had a reading with Corbie myself and can testify to her authenticity.

When writing this article it was my hope that I would have been able to announce a further interview with Corbie discussing this book, but her scheduling didn’t allow and I’d already put off Diana from for months now. So as stated this article isn’t a comprehensive piece on the world of Psychic Intuitives and Psychic readings, it would take far too long and as mentioned, there already is a plethora of great information already out there. Here in this article I have demonstrated three different but vastly informative approaches to understanding the world of Psychics. One final caveat I should mention is that all Psychics are not Mediums, so If looking to connect a loved one who has transitioned, make sure that that the Psychic offers this service or is a Psychic Medium.

As for me, although I have done this ‘work’ in the past, I am not a practicing Psychic Medium and seeing the work of some great Psychics / Medium’s do not believe I could offer my services to that standard and would therefore be selling both myself and potential clients short. Now in the future, that’s a different matter, this can also be mixed up with a spiritual / energetic healing service. But we’ll see what the future holds for me….

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