Wisdom questions – Ask Me Anything

Wisdom audio has had a feature for a while now. Anyone who is on the Wisdom Audio app can ask anyone else who is also in the app a question about themselves, advice or just about anything. As someone who has been the beneficiary of a number of these questions, I can tell you some are quite random, but they are at least interesting. .

Now Wisdom has opened this feature up to everyone, not just those in the App. So, now YOU can also ask me anything simply click the link below, type your question and receive a voice reply to your question. Soooo, if you have a question or a query or have had something on your mind that you’ve wanted to ask me, feel free to get in touch

Just keep it respectful, interesting and something that I can answer without breaking and community rules otherwise the question will not reach me..

Much love, Zenith

Ask me anything! Get a VOICE reply! https://joinwisdom.audio/thespiritchannel/ask

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