The Quest For Holy Water

Join me on a quest to find Holy Water. What makes water holy? Is it divine intervention? Does water have to be blessed by a so called holy person. Does the location of water make it Holy? What does ‘Holy water’ actually do? Does it absolve you of sin? Does it have the power to consecrate ground or purify it? Does it have to be gathered and contained within a special ornate vessel?

What does the experiments on intention sent to water conducted by Dr. Masaru Emoto tell us about the power of thought on water. Is all water sacred and does water hold healing properties regardless of making it ‘Holy’ or ‘blessed? If we are all a nation of priests as stated in the old testament (see Peter 2.9, Exodus 19.6) then do we all not possess the power to make holy and bless water….

Join me as I set forth to the Holy Shrine of St Moninna to gather my own Holy Water…

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