The Modern pilgrims finish their journey

So Julie and Brad have now finished their epic 1,000 mile journey over 50 days and their story has been picked up in their local media. They sent me these pictures of the newspaper reports and pictures of their final milestone at Carn Les Boel in Penzance, Cornwall. This is the last crossing point of the Ley of St. Michael which represents the Masculine, structural logical aspects and St. Mary’s which represents the Feminine, nature, intuitive and emotional aspects of Human’s.

Stratford Herald newspaper

It was a mammoth journey filed with highs and lows and now Julie plans to write a book detailing their experiences. The sights and sounds they experienced, the emotions felt, the people that the interacted with. Julie plans to highlight all of the little things that escape our attention as we go about our busy days. The color’s of the sky as the sun rises and sets, the insects that make their homes in hedgerows and bushes, peels of laughter from children in playgrounds, a multitude of things!

Stratford Herald newspaper

You see when you actually analyze Julie and Brads journey, you realize how clever and intricate it actually was / is, how multi-levelled or deep it goes. You see on the surface (but for the most noble of causes), it was about raising awareness for mental health and fundraising. But on another level, it was raising awareness of ancient customs and practices, some might say pagan by bringing attention to Ley lines that criss-cross our countries. Ley lines that are the veins of the Earth pumping energy instead of blood. These also represent (as stated) the balance that we all have of the Masculine and Feminine qualities.

But deeper again, it shows us how much we have gotten away from the concept of community and conversation. We are so technologically driven in our society’s most of us, don’t talk with each other any more much less strangers, instead holding conversations with people through our phones, people we will probably never meet and instead ignoring the person sitting next to us in the next seat or space. By doing this and recording their interactions with the people they met, Julie and Brad are showing that the art of conversation is still alive and ‘stranger danger’ its an overhyped concept that only keeps us separate.

Julie and Brad St. Michaels Mount, Cornwall

On yet another level Julie and Brad are showing us a different way of living beyond the capitalism model and race to the top (or bottom) that is so broken. By sharing their story and experiences along the way, they bartered for food and accommodation, a trade or exchange of goods that doesn’t involve physical money. A way of exchanging goods for an agreed upon price by both parties.

They say also that their journey was one of trust, there’s only so much you can plan for, the rest was left in the hands of those who surround us at all times with so much are and concern, but it was still an enormous leap of faith with all of the potential things that could have gone wrong. It was also a very mentally and physically demanding journey. They began to receive news that Brad’s mother was in ill health and had to stop their journey for 10 days in order to assist with her transition to the larger life beyond this one. To re-pick up the yolk again and start off on their pedal bikes and camping gear upon their backs… well you can imagine the challenge..

Both Julie and Brad have and in Brad’s case (extreme OCD) still suffer from their own mental health issues. The mental challenge as mentioned, can also drain your physical stamina, but to add to this, Julie was weighed down with over 44kg of equipment whilst Brad contended with 57kg, Julie fell of her bike over 40 times and had no other option but to pick herself back up, and nurse her bruises and almost literally get back in the saddle.

Reminiscing on the journey now, many insights and new understandings have come to light. Most people start the journey at Carn Les Boel in Penzance, whereas they chose to end there. The symbolism and understandings are now becoming apparent that weren’t when they decided upon their route. In starting at Hopton-on-Sea in Norfolk they were always facing the sun. The Sun is represented by St. Michael, the fiery light from above, whereas the Earth is represented By St. Mary the nurturing Earth. This is also symbolic of the fire (sun, St. Michael) from the mouth of the dragon that devoured St. Margaret (Earth, St. Mary). And, like pilgrims of old, they used the sun as their reference point, their guiding light.

Julie and Brad Howlett

By going to the below website and scrolling through the pictures, you’ll find a recorded message from Julie and Brad thanking everyone for their support. You can still also donate to the fundraising campaign as its still active. As I’ve remarked before in regards to not only this great cause but others I’ve highlighted, if every one person who read or visited the campaign or website of the cause in question and donated just one single pound (or equivalent), these fundraising goals would have been met and then some. So if you haven’t already, please consider doing so on the below links.

As for the Howlett’s, well they’ve got this book in the works and a further interview I wish to hold With Julie and Brad if he can make it, after that, perhaps there’s one last hurrah for the Modern Pilgrim’s….

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