Following up on my previous articles, today I intend to lighten up for the reader by relieving the analytical tension contained within my narratives. Therefore, relax, take a deep breath and follow this infinite loop of awareness.
The secret loop is an intelligence that isn’t only intriguing but also a perplexity that inspired the book itself (Secret Loop), in which I detail the intrinsic and lineal-secret nature of the mind/reality.

An impression of the book cover.

Manipulation of creation to our own will is a divine attribute of you and me. It’s something creation does, in most cases from a very secretive dimension. In this case manipulation of the truth to fit in a prevailing world order happens subconsciously in front of everyone’s eyes. In other words, everyone thinks they’re protecting the truth yet they’re all changing the truth subconsciously.

Secret Loop

We are all humbled by our spiritual nature and curved into beautiful physical art pieces of time. Ideally, this is the simplest conception of the tree of life in consciousness.

In my initial conception of the spiritual landscape — which is in most cases a gradual process of realisation, I thought this was just a temporal mindset — not normal and maybe soon I will return to what I perceived as normal by then. Unaware of the spiritual waves that spiralled me, my mind lingers on, stacking up strange dimensions in reality. I have also learnt that precise alignment to any vibratory frequency, like that of Enoch or Ra, reveals to you its deepest qualities in intellect hidden from other loops that fall out of precision.

Day by day and year after year, I shut out my earlier materialistic view of reality. For lack of words to represent the neurological patterns, I started perceiving reality from within (the invisible/third eye opening). Today, the loop spirals deep into spiritual desserts, gigantic turbulences in consciousness and peaceful heavenly dimensions of ecstasy.
Along the loop, we are constrained towards the dimension of being (positive) and released by the dimension of not-being (negative), relatively to one’s point of view. A powerful/positive point of intention projects through a new dimension of elusive reality.

Today, the loop spirals deep into spiritual desserts, gigantic turbulences in consciousness and peaceful heavenly dimensions of ecstasy

Out in a lonely higher projection of spiritual view, I felt the vast emptiness that covers us, the illusion of life that has never been real, and the meaninglessness of understanding; the climax of what creation can ever be.

Secret Loop

Many now deep into the spiritual loop perceive from what used to be the subconscious mind and yet earlier consciousness along the loop is now perceived as unconsciousness. Those deep in the subconscious mind hold more life than their counterparts down the loop/frequency of awareness. Groups of consciousness are secretly experiencing numerous realities happening relatively from their levels of vibration along the loop/frequency. For example, some vessels have depleted their life force, well as others have kindled a bounty of it. However, without each of the spiritual groups fully comprehending the reasons for their choice in direction.

What if the sense of resisting change in both spiritual and physical dimensions proves to be a natural human instinct rather than an artificial fabrication of reality? Then humans will naturally weaken the intelligence of change intended to manifest in all dimensions of existence.

For nature to experience flow (the basic life intelligence), the loop must continue. Therefore, the loop must be guarded against those who may intend to stop it, hence the vitality of the dimension of secrecy. The primordial intention of flow automatically aligns with the experiences of an individual or entity subconsciously.

Secret Loop as a book Is a power of secrecy that I (the author) also discover day by day, for it is alive and unravels infinite mysteries. It protects itself from the wrong mind but also leads itself to the right audience. The intention is to liberate intelligence to an extensive distortion of awareness rather than suffocating intelligence to a smaller distortion than it is right now.

In conclusion, below are short narratives of Jesus that cogently render the lineal-ascending-descending logic of the mind against the secret loop;

A little while, and ye shall not see me: and again, a little while, and ye shall see me, because I go to the Father.
These words spake Jesus, and lifted up his eyes to heaven, and said, Father, the hour is come; glorify thy Son, that thy Son also may glorify thee:
Neither pray I for these alone, but for them also which shall believe on me through their word;

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