Join the Wisdom LOVE WAVE

A number of hosts on Wisdom will be holding a 24 HR event dubbed The LOVEWAVE.🌊🌊
Virtual LOVE ♥️♥️WAVE.🌊🌊 This runs from 7pm ET this Sunday 7/8 until 7pm 8/8. Each host will be responsible for a one or two hour time slot and a number of other wisdom hosts have agreed to come on as guests. This event is being held to raise the love vibration around the planet 🌎 and it also is taking place at a very special celestial event called The Lion’s portal 🦁which is open during this period.

During the Lion’s Gate ‘portal,’ the Earth and Sun align with Sirius – the Royal Star – and the Galactic Center – the point everything in the Milky Way revolves around.

Powerful light codes come in during this portal, assisting humanity in raising consciousness and frequency.

We are more able to end and initiation cycles or timelines – and even jump timelines – quantum leaping into a hole new way of being

So you can see how powerful this time period is and why the organizers of this event choose this particular date!

We would love for you to join us on Wisdom to either listen in👂, or join as guest 🗣️on any of the talks on this date. If you can’t or don’t want to participate this way, then please remember to concentrate and emit the power of love❤️‍🔥 into the world adding to the vibration 📳 raising efforts that everyone on Wisdom will be doing.

Much Love everyone
Zenith ✌️

2 thoughts on “Join the Wisdom LOVE WAVE

    1. I / We have your in our hearts. I’ve got the graveyard shift 6-8am UK time 1-3am ET time. But I’ll get everyone on my talk to send you and Brad their love. God speed you💕


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