With Mark Romero – Healing through music

After leaving a highly profitable business to fulfil his dream of being a motivational speaker and music creator, and giving a time frame of 3 months to make a profit; Mark watched his dream fall flat and over a few years doubted his whole decision to follow his dream. Completely by chance his music came to the attention of a NASA scientist who discovered that certain frequencies within his music had healing and transformative qualities. Once Mark overcame his disbelief and embraced this discovery he was able his dream and now through his music, has transformed the life over many others who have been exposed to his unique music and Harmonic Alignment Technology he offers.

In this interview Mark recounts how his lifelong interest in motivational speaking saw him delivering a sermon on the church podium at the age of four and his very early interest in the guitar. He talks about the success he had in the corporate world and founding his own successful business to walking away to fulfil his lifelong dream. As mentioned his life changed when his music was discovered by a NASA scientist who become a close friend. He talks about how his music has grown and changed throughout the years of refining it and how he owes his success to the support of his wife.

Mark discussed how the frequencies in his music can and have impacted not only people but frequencies of objects like 5G cell phone towers. Mark discusses how he has created different types of music for different types of healing sessions and some of the amazing success stories his music has had upon people. We also get to discuss how our bodies are out of tune like a guitar due to all of the frequencies and chemicals we are exposed to and what actions we can take to remedy this..

Mark can be found on his below links with a free sample of his music available on his website:





Also available as an audio in the home menu and on the following sites (click the picture):

*** Also on Samsung Free app on Samsung Galaxy phones. Just search for The Spirit Channel***

**If you would like to become a podcast host or guest on the show use my affiliate link below**


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