With TeZa Lord – Spiritual Author-Artist-Activist

Spiritual Author-Artist-Activist, lifelong yoga and meditation practitioner. From She-Pirate of the Caribbean and recovering addict, to we are all One and everything is sacred. Teza embraces the craziness of life and has a laugh doing it. Environmentalist, podcast host, Consciousness revolutionary by Love and the author of four books – This is Teza Lord…..

In this interview TeZa talks about her flee from the USA during the Vietnam war to a West Indies island under a dictatorship, to living with native tribes and the appreciation of nature and the natural world she discovered there. She talks about the attractions to drugs and unhealthy relationships she had and searching for sense in the world until she discovered the power of Love.

We discuss her awakening spirituality, her expression of love and spirituality through her artwork, why she decided to author a book and her subsequent follow-up books. We discuss here eventual meeting with her film-maker husband and co-host on her podcast and the great influence of Yoga and realization of the Kundalini force within her life. TeZa also explains why she changed her name to TeZa and what it means and a discussion of her pose for a sculptor which ultimately was cast in four twenty foot statues in Rock Hill, SC.

TeZa can be found at her website which contains her podcast, some of the beautiful artwork and links to her four books (inc. her first full colour artbook) at:


Her other social links are:



Also available as an audio in the home menu and on the following sites (click the picture):

*** Also on Samsung Free app on Samsung Galaxy phones. Just search for The Spirit Channel***

**If you would like to become a podcast host or guest on the show use my affiliate link below**


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