Day Zero and Wisdom

Yesterday was a big day for me that I’m calling day zero in the Zenith calendar. it represents both an ending and a new beginning for me, my Alpha and Omega. In Law Of One terms, Eighth Density where you merge with the timeless all that is, and the beginning of a new octave or new creation. Recently I’ve been pondering some thoughts that came to me to completely quit my social media, this blog, my YouTube channel and podcast and the Wisdom app that I now do live talks in. I thought perhaps this was due to a lack of sleep initially, but days later the when I reconsidered these thoughts and feelings, I’ve still felt ambivalent about the idea.

I have closed my podcast to stop receiving guest requests. I have one more interview this Friday and then the big interview with Jim McCarty on 9th August. Recently I’ve been overwhelmed with doing interviews and talking. I had three interviews in three days and further guests after that, so there will still be a number of interviews to be released over the next month or so. But along with a number of talks on Wisdom, I left myself quite hoarse and decided to rest my voice over the previous weekend…

This didn’t quite work out like that. On Sunday I hopped on to a talk by Julie from The Modern Pilgrims, Later that day i decided to do a quick talk on Irish Dialect on slang, inspired by a book on the subject I’d picked up…. This didn’t work out like that. During my Preamble, Julie guested on the talk and from there, it completely spiraled into something I could never have anticipated. 4hr and 41mins later with six guests and over 214 live listeners I reluctantly ended the talk. Perhaps that most important aspect of that talk was the support and warmth towards me that I felt from each guest and messages I received. I definitely felt that a message was being issued to me, Its heart warming for sure, and perhaps its made inroads into this ambivalence I’ve felt.

On that day also, my significant other also was receiving her own message in the awareness of a kind presence about and near to her a large part of the day. That night I remember a dream of my uncle who was troubled let’s say, but who has now transitioned speaking with me, I can’t remember the conversation but all these factors appear to be linked. Then came day zero and now today, I’ve been asking for guidance and understanding form my higher self, I can’t say for sure that I have received anything (in the form of thought communication) that has had any definitive message, but your ‘spiritual team’ has many different ways of communicating (as I’ve already noted) so perhaps I’m just been too needy or greedy. I guess I should just work with what I’ve already received and be patient for further guidance (which will inevitably happen)… As for what happens after 9th of August, who knows, a lot can happen between then and now, and the fact that I’m still here, still broadcasting if you like after considering previously to shut down everything, portends perhaps to the future as well. Now about that talk…

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