Exclusive Interview

In a coup for the The Spirt Channel, I’ve got an interview confirmation from one Jim McCarty. Jim is the last surviving member of, and current president of L/L Research, home of The Law Of One or The Ra Contact and the Q’uo challenging’s.

Apparently they thought enough of my work that they agreed to an interview with me. Anyone who has been following my work on any of my social media for any length of time will know that The Law Of One philosophy permeates my work. I’ve even got a whole section devoted to Q’uotes which are quotes from Q’uo, Ra and various other members that make up the Confederation of entities that L/L research has been in contact with for the past 50 years!!! This material changed my life and without the efforts of L/L Research to bring it to the public consciousness and make it available for free, none of what I currently doing would be in existence .

So although I really excited to ask a few questions to Jim McCarty that have been rolling around in my mind for a long time, it is also a way to spread awareness about this amazing philosophy and work of L/L research and hopefully have an impact on others peoples lives much in the same way it had upon mine.

L/L Research have two websites. Their Library website in which you can access all of their work for FREE or get links to purchase the hard copies is available at: llresearch.org. Here you will find other useful resources to accompany the Law Of One Material.

Their sister site: bring4th.org is their community site for discussion of al thing related to The Law Of One. This includes a forum where you can share your awakening story, a seeker connector map where you can find anyone else registered on this website in your local area, country or the world. Links to their podcast and blogs and much more. The interview is scheduled to take place on 9th August. Be sure to check out my YouTube channel for updates closer to the time…

Jim McCarty

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