With Tracey Whittet -multi-dimensional healer and author

Tracey is the creator of Transmosis Healing, a way of clearing and transmuting energies that hold us back and make us sick. She’s also the author of the free eBook: ‘The Magi Within: Unlocking the Gifts to the Inner Self’.

After learning and training in various Healing Modalities including Reki, Theta, Multidimensional Body Balancing and Access Consciousness Bars®. Tracey received information from a higher source that instructed her to create a new type of Healing method that was dubbed Tansmosis. Transmosis Healing clears out energy Centre blocks, negative energies, past life and ancestral Karma that hold us back in life freeing us to achieve our true potential in life. Tracey works with Guides and the Higher Self to determine what Healing action is needed upon what level, spiritual, emotional, Physical etc.

We talk about Tracey’s early life before and up to opening up to her intuitive gifts, we discuss the healing process at length including Tracey’s new task in developing a commodity for others to learn Transmosis Healing. We also share some common experiences with contact from the multidimensional helpers who connect with us. Tracey explains the process and the thinking behind the book The Magi Within she co-authored and why its also available for free including for purchase. We also had an interesting experience during an energy clearing….. Finally we explain what it was we were laughing before the Interview went live.

Tracey can be found ( her website includes her blog with beautiful inspired messages) on the below social media links:

https://traceywhittet.com/ (Free Pdf of her Book at request)






Also available as an audio in the home menu and on the following sites (click the picture):

*** Also on Samsung Free app on Samsung Galaxy phones. Just search for The Spirit Channel***

**If you would like to become a podcast host or guest on the show use my affiliate link below**


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