Shaman Alberto, an Update

After what seems like a very ling time not hearing from Shaman Alberto, He has finally made contact with me again, assuring me that both he and his family are fine. Above are some recent photo’s he has send me of Life in the Amazon Jungle and people who have come to visit him in his home and retreat he is constructing.

Below is the playlist containing all of the videos he has sent me including ten new videos at the time of this writing. These including preparation for an Icoras Session, medicine gathering, an Ayahsachua brew and his family life.

I promised Shaman Alberto that I would raise awareness about him and the construction of his retreat by publishing his pictures and videos. His goal is to not only build a center to treat people with plant medicines and through native Shamanism, but he hopes to build an educational center to teach people the ways of the Shaman. So I created a fundraiser for people to donate to aid this as he doesn’t have the funds to do this himself and works as tour guide in tour camps to support his family. Some of his videos have nearly 30,000 views and I often muse that if every one, or even a majority of people who watched these videos and read about the fundraiser’ donated a single dollar, pound euro etc., his dream would be fully realized by now…

For more information on Shaman Alberto and his work click on the links below.

Alberto berndt – Amazonian shaman

To find out how you can donate to Alberto’s mission, click on the below link.

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