Helen’s Tower, Newtownards

On the day of my interview with Dr.T, I was taking a walk in nature and not only snapped some lovely pictures, but was ruminanting on Dr.T and a eurkea moment hit me about how this planetary shift was unfolding and would further unfold. So I captured my thoughts in the video below.

This was a strange walk as I kept discovering trails that took me further and further off the main trail, unti l became somewhat lost. At some point a strange man passed me jogging. He made a comment about his irreagular visits to the place and lack of practice. As I walked on still lost, I reckoned that this man must have come from an entrance / exit to this forest. But it began to baffle me as I encountered only dead ends.

Pondering the actuality of this man ( was he an apparition or a vision), I turned to follow the path that he was treading. A few hours later I was upon a familiar trail close to where I originally started..

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