Re-evaluating the Podcast and my content in general.

This Interlude is about the re-evaluation of the podcast and the guests that I decide to have on it. As my own life goes through major upheaval, I’m re- revaluating all the media that I do. I’m looking at being more selective about who I interview. So I’m looking at that and also whether to accept guests who want to improve’ my podcast and media. Does it need improving? Do these people need to be a guest to tell me this? I don’t know, you are the judge of all this…

On top of this at one point I didn’t know whether The Spirit Channel in all it forms would survive, such was / is the turmoil and trauma in my life. Thankfully the waters are somewhat less muddied now and things become clearer. My future, my destiny is vaguely outlined. But I need to take a bit of a step back from creating all of this content as much as I can andre-evaluate, restructure, and evolve…

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