The Modern Pilgrims update

I’ve written previously about The Modern Pilgrims Julie and Brad’s journey across the Beltane Leyline (also known as the Michael and Mary leyline) and the great cause they are doing it for (mental health awareness and fund raising for the charity Mind)

This is an update on that journey. Unfortunatley Julie and Brad have had to suspend their journey until min-july to deal and assist with the transition of Brad’s mother from this plane of existence. I connected with Julie in the Wisdom app and we’ve remained in contact since. Lately I’ve been meaning to catch Julie on one of her talks but have found the timing to wrong. Thankfully she connected with me during one of my own talks and I got the oppertuntity to invite her to be a guest on the podcast.

This probably would not have happened otherwise as both she and Brad have had limited access to technology whilst cycling on their journey, so although this is a time of reflection and introspection for both Brad and Julie, its an opportunity to spread a little light by talking about their journey and spreading awareness for their charity. If you’d like to connect with Juile you can listen to her talks (which are always interesting) and follow her in Wisdom or you can donate to their fundraiser.

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