The Seven Densities of Conciousnness Pt.5

If You haven’t already please read the first four parts in this series. You can access them from the home menu or here.

Now we turn our attention to 4th Density. That Density that’s our next spiritual evolution. Firstly there had been a lot spoken about this era. Many Prophesies, myths and indigenous legends and religious texts speak to this time of Earthly Evolution. Not to mention the many channelled works out there by beings from all dimensional realities. There are far too many to recount here, but I’ve noted a few.

We have legends from Native American cultures that speak of the Time Of The Sixth Sun from the Cherokee nation. We have The Prophecy of the Eagle and Condor as told by the First Peoples from Turtle Island. We have the ages of the Yuga’s as espoused by Hindu Philosophy; the Mayan calendar and 2012, (which has now been theorised to be the middle of a celestial period, rather then the end), tales of the Norse Ragnarök and even the Christian Bible with its Book of Revelations foretelling the end of the world. We also have so many messages in recent times, channelled messages I guess coming from higher dimensional beings, entites within higher vibrations or alternate dimensions; advanced E.T’s or non-terrestrial beings.

I say recent times as there had been an explosion in communication with such entities (although discretion is advised as some of these communications are not from the source they are believed to be) but in truth, we have been communicating with these entities from the dawn of history. Most of the legends and great teachings that were attributed to coming from a deity or thee deity, God, Allah, Krishna, Yahweh etc, were in fact communications from higher beings, communicating the truth of our reality, in a somewhat veiled form. .

Jesus himself spoke in parables in order to preserve the free will of those who would reject his message. Before Jesus, into antiquity until presently in our current times, the message has remained the same. A message of the unity of all things in the shared light of the supreme creator and a foretelling of this great evolutionary shift of consciousness that will /is happening upon the planet.

Perhaps you have heard of this shift under one of the many names listed above or very commonly as its called today as the shift to 5D or the 5th dimension. Whatever you want to call it as long as you understand what it represents or what’s in store for us then that’s a good start. I tend to stick to the message of the Confederation of Planets in Service to the One Infinite Creator as channelled by the llresearch team. The messages that they have received have been consistent for the past fifty years; and have always attempted to respect and preserve the free will of the questioners and humanity in general.

Of course I’ve read and listened to other channellings including the message of The Pleiadians and The Cassiopeans, and while some of what I’ve read strikes true, parts didn’t leaving me to drop the material.  Of course others will resonate with different material and find that it speaks to them, with the vast amount of material in circulation, there is something conveyed that will attract everyone.

As I said I stick to the message of the Confederation and the terminology they use as I have ‘previous’ with this grouping. While it would be nice to have the time to read everything out there that comes across your path (lately the Urantia book, Wingmakers material and Voyagers books) and attracts you, one person can’t know it all. I have yet to digest a large percentage of the vast amount of channelled material of the Confederation and even reading and understanding the Ra contact (or The Law Of One as its more commonly known now) can be the work of many decades. Thankfully for me, I have my sister in Sorrow Sonia over at child of hamelin to riff off who has devoted some time to reading some of this, along with Baleke John from 9th Dimensional Thinker.

Anyway, what took me so long getting around to writing this, was that I kept discovering more information around this 4th Density and I kept holding off as that information pool got larger. What I forgot was what I wrote in part 1 of this series, this series is not a comprehensive account of all that has been transmitted regarding 4th Density.

So 4th Density, what’s the difference between the 3rd Density that we now currently experience and the incoming 4th Density. I guess its hard to comprehend what life or state of being would be like in this more highly evolved dimension. Thankfully we have some degree of information from these channelled sources so we can get a bit of an idea.

Time flows much differently in 4th Density, the average lifespan is around 90,000 years as the lessons of love and understanding are assimilated. Like our current 3rd Density, consciousness evolves throughout the lifespan of a 4th Density entities evolution. The difference is (beside 90,000 years of a life) that this cycle of experience’ is around 30,000,000 (million) years compared to our current cycle of around 75,000 years.

The choice is, as you put it, the work of a moment but is the axis upon which the creation turns.

Ra 76:16)

Imagine the difference between humanity and animals (in general) and difference in conciousness. This is the difference between our current state of consciousness and those of a 4th Density entity. In 4th Density, the veil that separates us in our own minds and from beholding the rest of creation is dismantled or removed. This obviously leads to all sorts of avenues for discussion.

This is because as mentioned before in the previous posts in this series, that in our current (mostly passed) Density or cycle or 3D reality, the lesson has to do with choice. Choice of being positive, loving in service to others or, negative, hate filled, in service to the self. The higher Densities including 4th Density are a deepening of this choice. So the Density we are leaving behind may be very short (time wise) but it’s “the work of a moment but is the axis upon which the creation turns.’ (Ra 76:16)

Listed below are some of the ability’s and conditions within a 4th Density environment.

  • telepathy
  • manifestation
  • psi like abilities levitation, Psychokinesis, telekinesis, healing of physical wounds, shapeshifting and wide variety of physical forms
  • veil largely dismantled, ability to perceive energy or energies,
  • advanced technologies that can traverse the cosmos without misusing nature, free energy
  • ability to make yourself invisible to lower density entities or lifeforms
  • community, communal sharing, harmony
  • war, greed, famine no more ( STO path)
  • love, understanding  (STO path)
  • recognition that everyone is the same,
  • ,walking through sold obstacles as different dimensions / materialisation

..a Density is a higher vibration of light that can utilized with a higher state of consciousness, whereas a dimension is the spacial movements within said Density.

The last is one interesting as I sourced it from the Cassiopeian’s Channelling. In this they used a variety of references to discuss what abilities a fourth dimensional entity might possess; and to explain the concept of dimensions which for me, better explains what a dimension is compared to a Density is. For me a Density is a higher vibration of light that can utilized with a higher state of consciousness whereas a dimension is the spacial movements within said Density.

A great piece is media that can enrich our understanding of the term dimension, is the book Flatland by Edwin. A. Abbott, published in 1884, and now into an animated move.

Lets also look at a quote used from Michio Kaku‘s book Hyperspace: A Scientific Odyssey Through Parallel Universes, Time Warps, And The 10th Dimension. In this he describes how the evolution of consciousness to a 4th Density vibration, may be understood in our 3D reality.

This gives us a great understanding of the abilities and their uses by a 4th Density entity. How this is achievable and understanding how we humans who can only grasp three dimesions is best understood by a model of a Tesseract Cube as explained in the video below;

Similarly we see more understanding of this concept in the quote taken from the Cassopeians Wave volume in which this 4th dimensional concept is being discussed.

Of course none of this happens straight away, the moment an entity has evolved into a 4th Density environment. Changes in consciousness that enable one to perform abilities such as these take countless years to evolve. Think about the consciousness of a rudimentary human such as a caveman and then think about the very pinnacle of human consciousness today, look at the evolution of human conciousness throughout the time periods between.

Another piece of media that en

Evolution Of Consciousness

We’ll look more at this and the diverging of the positive and negative path in the next part…

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  1. Thank you Zenith. Very well written and you did a great job putting Ra explanations into the more understandable…no offense to those of Ra. ❤️ In anticipation of more on this topic! ☺️

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