With Neil Elliott, Author of A Higher Road. A 7-Step Process to Inner Peace, Joy, Love, Abundance, and Prosperity.

D Neil Elliott is the author of the book: A Higher Road. Cleanse Your Consciousness to transcend The Ego and Ascend Spiritually. 

In this interview with Neill, we discuss his new book through the lens of his life before and after awakening Spiritually. Neill was a successful business man working long hours as a consultant, married to his second wife with three kids and to the outside, had it all. But inside he was unhappy and through a series of events spiraled into sate of depression, where he began to pen a suicide note. It was at that point that he stumbled upon a manuscript that for promised that if the reader followed the steps within it for a year, they would transform themselves and their consciousness..

Neill talks about the steps leading up to this process, how he held of executing his suicidal tendencies and ultimately transformed his life. In his book Neill, having an engineering background, marries a scientific approach and understanding to spiritual concepts and techniques with the material that he read before the fated manuscript. We also shared some common experiences and discussedhow life changing the awakening process is, and the desire to help awaken others..


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