My vision Quest

So while I was in Dundrum staying at Arley House, I decided to take a walk along a Murlough Nature Reserve. To be honest, I wasn’t feeling particularly inspired by the walk and was feeling quite sorry for myself due to the upheaval in my life presently…

At some point I decided to leave the scrubland and walk along the sand. Coming around a corner. I happened to notice in the distance a large black animal drinking water from the river. I couldn’t distinguish what it was from that distance, only recognizing it a cow when I got closer.

The Cow finished drinking and appeared to look in my direction before setting off on its own journey. This Cow seemed out of place in the setting to me. It was a single, solitary, black bovine animal walking along a sand bank. Further the river it drank from led to the ocean very close by.

And As I watched this cow on the other side of the rubber bank traveling in the opposite direction to me, I wondered where it was going and where it came from. It moved in a steady fashion never deviating from its path. Surely I thought it would have to re-enter the grassy scrubland at some point, for the path it travelled led to the human world, with roads and fast moving traffic.. But it didn’t and I app wondered why no other cows of its herd were visible of signs of them present.

They scene unfolding before me felt surreal, this had to have some deeper significance for me I thought. Was the cow even real? Was I experiencing a vision? Was it a thought form , that would disipate when it had served it purpose?

And as the cow and I crossed paths, the thought occured to me, that perhaps it was a metaphor for my life. The cow represented my past. It was black, dark slow moving, it hooves stuck in the soft sand and now they were had crossed paths, I was leaving it, the past behind….

I keep a check on it for about 1/2 a mile, it never left they straight parallel port it clove to. Eventually my own bare feet, which had also sunk in the soft sand, struck firmer ground and once again the metaphor of an easier clearer path struck me. A strange mute, hunchback woman passed me, she didn’t respond to my greeting..

The scene was surreal for sure. When I looked at what I was now, it felt like a little piece of paradise. The light wind whipped the sand grains and they shimmered and flowed atop of the surface layer of sand..

Eventually I decided to make my way back and retraced my steps again. It was perhaps five to ten minutes since I had lost sight of the cow and once I came upon that stretch of land again, it was nowhere in sight. To make return journey easier I put my feet into the footprints already walked by myself earlier. Another metaphor perhaps?

Who knows, but it left me much to think about…

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