Arley House, Dundrum, Northern Ireland

I stayed in Arely House, a B&B in Dundrum for a around a week. I had the lovely Arelene as host (that’s her in the picture below). It was a peaceful place with only me as the lodger, although I had the company of sheep in the fields behind!

Using this as my base, I got to explore an area rich in landscapes, historical sites and fantastic walks.. It was on one such walk up Slieve Donard Mountain, that I fell, broke my hand, damaged the other arm, smashed. My phone screen and lost my water bottle for walking up the mountain. Rather than quitting and returning,I found the grit and determination to continue and record a live talk in the Wisdom app.

Pictures and Links for these in a separate post. If you are ever in this part of the World, take a stop at Arley House accomodation and tell Arlene I said hi!

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