finding The face of god part 1.

Is God real? Can God be known? Can God be experienced? What is the nature of God?

This is what I hear and listen to when my path crosses those who talk about such things. They come from their halls of learning, thier places of study, their modern day arenas of debate. They talk and they talk and sometimes they use words and phrases I don’t understand, they quote names of people I don’t know.

It’s sounds very impressive, they seem to know a lot, for they talk and talk and never seen to run out of things to say. Back and forth they go, verbally jousting, seeking validation and opinion from each other. Sometimes I wonder if they would ever think to ask me, but so far they haven’t.

And why would they, I’m just an old man, I’m not learned, I have no skills or smarts or fancy letters adjoining my name, and so I remain invisible to them, I’m no-body. And yet…. I have  myself, and a life of experiences. I have a routine that sees my day in and I want little more than  that. For I am an old man now and this old man feels in his bones that his time  draws near, and seeks to find God in his own way

Each morning I waken at the break of dawn. Before I even open my eyes I know that God is with me as I hear the chours of birds on the telegraph wire as they warble their praise  to God. Some days,  when I open my curtains, God is already there waiting to greet me. The rays of his sun flood across my face, beaming at me, drawing a wry smile from my bedazzled face.

Image: grobles63

If go in and boil my pot of coffee, pour a cup and sit in my armchair. I find bother with the TV, as I don’t care much for what it has to tell me about the world, it’s not the worlld I live in. My one last vice almost done, I look to the bottom of the cup, the coffee grinds swirl and seen to form a face that looks back at me. I’m reminded once again that God is with me for my thoughts lingered on the TV box and were less than kind.

The only vice left in my life done, I get myself presentable to get to the outside world. Well, as presentable as an old man can these days, I think with mirth. Now if she had still been here,….. but best not to drag up those memories.

You see sometimes I forget, sometimes I let emotions and memories cloud me cast a shadow and I forget about.

Image: A-Ithyphallophobiac

Around me the world wakens too, a few cars pass close by, I hear the drone of engines as they huff and puff and made to work. Silence then and a little time later the yelp of a distant dog signals God’s accompanying presence.

A short time later and I reach the most troubling part of my journey. A duel road of fast moving traffic. The hustle and bustle of modern live is at its most evident here and for a slow paced person as me, it represents a challenge. I push the button that allows me to cross to the relative safety of the middle of the road, an island they call it, an island in a sea of sharks I like it too.

The high pitched squeal of the pedestrian signal screams at me like a drill instructor, urging me to move! Move! MOVE! Cars come screeching to a stop, engines roar like metal lions, hungry as drivers impatiently wait with feet hovering above the pedals ready to pounce upon green lights.

Half way there and I already feel as if I’ve run a gauntlet, and more in the foray I go, once again to the snarl of metal teeth and gears. Until at last, sanctuary! Safety! Like a rabbit bolting into the undergrowth, I reach my park and enter the comfort of its gates like a mother’s embrace enfolding me within her garments.

Header image: CapKaboom on DeviantArt

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