Mahee Island 14-16th May

Mahee Island is one of a series of islands in Strangford Lough in the north of Ireland, some of which are private. Mahee, is the last of these and can only be reached through connecting Islands. Just before Nendrum Monistic Site, a tiny like car park provides access to the shore of the Lough. It’s a magical little hidden gem with contrasting views at dawn and dusk and when the tide is in or out. It’s also part of the National Trust.

I spent a few nights here and you can see other pictures of this place in previous posts here and here. This also was the last of my touring, nomadic life which lasted just under a month and it was with a heavy heart that I re-joined ‘the system’ and societal life again.. Although my walks and talks haven’t stopped and capturing scenes continues..

A magical forest trail
Tide coming in around 10am
Connecting Islands
A small lake
Sunset descending at different times
Dusk descends
A camp fire on the shore in the evening at tide out

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