Touring Holywood Town and Mahee Island 6~8th May 22

Holywood is known as a fairly Middle class / upper class town. It’s very nice and very well kept. It lies between Belfast and Bangor and a lot of properties are very close to the seafront. I parked here a few nights beside Hollywood Bowling club which is right Holywood Seafront. Although I captured very pretty sunsets and sunrises, it was very noisy at night and in the morning, although the manager of the Bowling club kindly allowed me to use the showers and fill up my sink water!

Crimson sunset at Hollywood Sea front

Mahee Island is a beautiful spot in Strangford Lough with castle Ruins and An ancient Monistic Site. It’s also a National Trust site and an area of outstanding beauty with walks and access to the shore of the Lough. I returned here a few times and will share more photos in a future post

Dusk over Strangford Lough at Mahee

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