The Archetypical Mind

Looking at Ra’s concept of the Tarot, which is a way of learning of archetypes, roles shall we say that we all play at one time or another, I wonder when we look at our lives currently, what roles are we acting out now..

What transformations or evolutions are we experiencing?

The hanged man reprsents the archetype of the role I am currently inhabiting or playing out. But beyond this, look at the two pillars, they represent the polarities we must choose; positive or negative. The left hand path or the right hand path, Which way is the figure facing, which way is his foot pointed? Notice the coins fallen his pockets, what does represent to you? Notice the stars and their number and position, do they signify anything?

This Tarot deck is close to the original concepts as Ra gave to the Egyptians thousands of years ago. Over time various cultures added astrological symbols and other motifs that altered and complicated the original concept of attempting to understand the Archetypes and the Archetypical Mind we experience as Human Beings and understanding the Human Experience. The Ra contact is really only for the serious student of advanced metaphysics, and the understanding of the Tarot is at the pinnacle of these teachings ( which I have yet to penetrate), but I feel this a helpful start…

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