The Angel and the Sawn part.3

Feeling this to be a trueness in heart I agreed to do what was required if there was to be hope not just for me but for my dear babes.

You will awaken now.” That ethereal and hauntingly beautiful sound said.

But I still didn’t understand who you are and what do you mean by we?” I wordlessly gasped.

Suddenly there came a sound of a great beating of wings and in place of the orb is light, a majestic being of beauty that no earthly visage may counter. It looked at once both name and female, its features seemed fluid and changed with each passing moment, regardless one could not help but fall in love with such beauty.

But it had a regality that emanated from its very being that informed those who gazed upon it or indeed felt it that this was a being of such purity that the most holy and pious of men would seem to be a sinner beside. Great wings it had that seemed to shimmer in and out of existence and seemed to be endless for my vision could not fix upon them

Image: FractalRealms


Even the scene transfixed me. Another golden orb popped into existence, followed by another, then another then another winged being followed by another. No piece of this realm, no where my gaze fell was there not one of these angelic beings as I now call them. Never will that vision leave me. Almost as swiftly as the vision manifested, I found myself awake with no trace of weariness upon me. For a few minutes I lay there not quite understanding if what transpired was but a dream or indeed a reality. But when I remembered what the angel promised me, I resolved to take my destiny into my own hands…

Image: nikkidoodlesx3

Lightly arousing my children and cautioning them towards quietude, Like church mice we stole towards the door on ballerina toes, noiselessly the door lay ajar and so we came upon our first glimpse of freedom. With each child clasping one hand my other led the way guided by the light firmly clasped within it. Down to the waters edge we strode and although my children don’t m did not quite understand the current happenings, their faith and trust in me was humbling and heart breaking at the same time as their death may have been led too.

Silently we shed our outer garments, and tentatively we began to merge with the water. Amazingly there was no chill to be felt, just a mild change in temperature and with more gist and confidence, we shatter the pale moons reflection.

Image: Blue-Goo

Leading the way, I swim in front and the transformation takes me first, my body like watercolours on a painting begin to run in the watery embrace. I dissolve and melt away, only to give birth to another form. Behind me I know that this transmutation is taking place in my children as their yelps and cries give way to trumpets and bugles. Instinctively I flap my wings and ascend into the air encouraging my brood to mimic me. Up and up we fly in great circles escaping the shackles that once held us firm. Surrounded by a thousand times a thousand guiding lights, we fly into the rising sun, towards a new world.

Image: Peter DeBurger

Dedicated to Roxanne Chaput.

Cover Image: Antoshines

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