The Angel and the Swan part.2

I fell into a deep cathartic sleep. Deeper and deeper did I fall within the recesses of my own mind, descending like a deep sea diver traversing unknown, watery depths, I don’t recall how far I fell or the time it took, if time even existed in this state of consciousness. At some unknown point I beheld a light within this frozen realm, it shone so bright, so much so that when it drew closer, I thought to close my eyes. Even then, it illuminated my mind, no hiding place was there from it.

There issued from it, a wordless, soundless voice that I heard within my head, and when it spoke, it did so with a lilt that was both rhapsodic and utterly balming at the same time.

“Little one, it said, have no fear, you are safe”
I ventured to open my eyes and far from being blinded I beheld a dazzling radiant golden light that shone with the power of a thousand suns.

“Who or what are You?” I spoke/ thought.

“I am your protector, your guardian, your midwife, your imaginary friend, your eternal servant. I am the strength you find to carry on though life challenges. I am the clear voice of reasoning that prevents mis-steps. I am the warmth in your heart you feel after so many of those tear filled days of sorrow. I am the spring in your step you have when all is right with the world.”

Image: Quijuka

“I was there when you took your first breath upon leaving the womb. I have lain close to you in your need every night since that day and I will be there when they shovel the last mound of dirt upon your coffin.”

what, what do you want from me?” I could only wordlessly splutter.

Brightest one, you think you are powerless to effect change, you think your life conditions are fixed, little one you don’t realize got powerful you are, you have the universe at your fingertips. Every night you pray and bare your heart silently and ask to receive a miracle. Not for yourself, for your children, for a chance at life for them would you willingly sacrifice yourself in exchange.”

We have heard and felt your prayers every time. Each sentence, each word, and each utterance. We have felt the love and honor within those words for your heart is connected to ours and your pain is ours and your love has been felt in our own hearts also.”

Image: FrancescaPoliti

Blessed one, although we cannot take you with us at this time, you must still fulfill your role as mother and protector to your cubs, we can grant you a boon though. We feel your desire to fly away, so we grant you the swan song as it may be. Gather your children with you tonight, go to the waters outside of this house, bathe in them and your swan song will be a reality. Do not tarry, do not delay, do not lose courage or lack belief simply follow these instructions and miracles will be yours.”

Header image: HundredHighlights

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