The Modern Pilgrims

While I’ve been doing my own touring, I’d completely forgotten to check in on Julie from The Modern Pilgrims.

I connected with Julie on Wisdom on her talk of the day and she returned the favour by being a guest on my talk. Julie, along with her husband Brad are setting off on a five month journey ( started the 1st May) across the Island of Britain from Norfolk to Penzance following the Beltane Line.

This is a ley-line, an energetic line that is synonymous with the Kundalini energy Inside all of us. Just as we have Energy Centers or Charkas, so to does the Earth along with energies that rise along these energy centres.

These lay-lines represent the serpent energy of the Earth and have positive and negative, masculine and feminine energies also.  I talked about Ley-lines and energy in the post below if you wish to find out more about this.

From what I recall, Brad is in the stages of Dementia making this journey all the more important

If you with to follow Julie and Brad’s journey or read how they’ve done up until now, then you can follow them on their website at The Modern Pilgrims. You can listen to Julie’s talks and follow her on Wisdom here. Also you can donate to them via their gofundme page here or support the charity Mind here. Their journey is also to raise funds and awareness for this charity.


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