With Michelle Henderson Author, Artist, Spiritual Medium

Michelle is a Certified Spiritual Advisor, educator and artist. She’s the author of the book Spiritual Nurturing for Intuitive Children.  Michelle who has a background in working with Autistic children was inspired to write her first book A Three Element Social Skill Program: Instruction, Drama, and Technology through her work with them. She s also the initiator IASIS Learning Center, a non-profit organization teaching children social skills through drama techniques.

In this interview Michelle discuses her coming out as spiritual medium in her native Texas in 2021 and how it was received. She discusses her experiences growing up and experiencing Spiritual Phenomenon including receiving messages. we talked about her work as an educator of thirty years and get involvement with children in the autistic scale. Her book was inspired by this involvement and we talked about the connection between Autistic children and Star-seeds, Indigo children and rainbow children. We talk about her work as an advisor to families of children who display spiritual abilities and compare experiences in Psychic work and Mediumship.

Michelle can be connected with in the following sites:

https://www.michellehendersonmedium.com/ https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCLU29AU63rcXz3VrHv60OPA https://m.facebook.com/MichelleHendersonMedium https://www.instagram.com/accounts/login/?next=/michellehendersonmedium/

Also available as an audio in the home menu and on the following sites (click the picture):

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