With Ulrika Karlsson, author of Holy Fu*k and Sacred Water, a talk on the Divine Feminine and Masculine

Ulrika is the international author of two books 2:47AM: The Journey Home to My Heart and Holy F*ck & Sacred Water. With over twenty-eight years of Holistic experience in various fields, She’s a Spiritual Teacher, Yogatherapist & Feminine Leadership coach.

In this interview Ulrika relates the very traumatic period of her life that inspired her first book 2:47Am and how close to death she became during this period. How she survived this and the break-up of her marriage, her involvement in yoga and how she received a message describing a new type of Yoga.

We talked about her liberation of the yoke of repression of expression of sexuality in her native Sweden. We had a conversation around gender in society and what it means to have Feminine and Masculine qualities and what all this means for the future human race. All this + a special appearance by baby Daisy as a miniature Falcor /Falcore and more…

Ulrika can be reached on the following social media sites:



Also available as an audio in the home menu and on the following sites (click the picture):

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