Endings and Rebirths

I’m going through a rebirth. Sometimes, like an actual birth, the experience can be both traumatic and painful and so it is with this rebirth. Even though I’ve already grown so much and have shared so much by creating a blog, podcast, YouTube channel etc, and seeking more ways to diversify my message; more growth is needed for me to step into the role I came to do.

To this end, to the outsider, I’ve lost everything, everything that I’ve built up over the decades of my life. Family, friends, a house, a job, community. But, to those spiritually seasoned enough, they will recognise that all I’ve really lost are attachments to things and people that were not serving me. I know this not only through my own guidance, my own inner connection, but from the Destiny Retrieval I received from a Shaman. From the Spiritual assessment I received from a renowned Mental Medium. From the numerology/ oracle card/ higher guidance reading from from recent podcast guest Corbie Mitled.

I’m actually more free now than I’ve ever been and wheels are turning, in motion helping me to achieve my goals. Once you know, you know!

What does all this mean for the future of The Zenith and The Spirit Channel?

In the first instance, The Zenith is a title, a role, something to aspire to. In this case it’s for me to more fully ingrain and integrate that persona. It’s time to shed some skin. Time to shed Karmic blocks. Black isn’t always black and white isn’t always white.

No matter what you do in life people will always judge, you can’t change that so don’t try to. As Q’uo has stated ‘ look to the essences of people’, not the outer garments to define them.

As for The Spirit Channel in all its forms, who knows? It may continue, it may not. It depends on the life path I’ve chosen before birth. If it is to continue, I may need help to keep it running. To this end I’ve created a Pateron page and will possibly be setting up a donation page. Why? Because a personal blog name, subscription to a video hosting site and podcast site all require financial transactions along with other running costs.

So if or when I’ve got these things set up, I’ll publish them across all my media sites and you can donate if you like and we’ll see where we go.
In the end, The Spirit Channel may finish, but The Zenith is Endless.

Dream of The Endless

Much love,

Cover image: Dream/s of The Endless

2 thoughts on “Endings and Rebirths

  1. I’m counting on that “endless” part. Good luck to you, I wish you so much good on your continual journey and evolution. May we always be learning, accepting, acknowledging and moving with the heart. That road is not supposed to be the easy path so the struggle is real and I have mad respect for your choices. I am grateful that you are being true to yourself first and foremost. Adonai vasu borragus Brother Z and see you soon! 🙂

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