Remembering Jesus the Christ

In memory of Jesus the Christ. Perhaps the greatest spiritualist in the history of the human experience.
He who came to show us the way, that the way to the father, to the creator lies within, not without.

He who was imbued with Christ consciousness so that humanity may achieve a new and true covenant with the creator.

He who through his words and actions, began the process that initiated the lifting of the scales from humanity’s collective eyes.

The great healer, the great medium the great teacher. He drew back the veil giving us a glimpse of what lay beyond the physical Death.

He who showed humanity what is possible while in the fleshly form. Who asked not to be worshipped but to be aspired to.

Who taught to worship no king, bow to no queen for all are one and all are equal, all except our creator and to whom we do worship, we do bow for.

I speak not of the Jesus taught in our religious establishments. They who have taken his message and have discected it, abolished it, reinterpreted it, omitted it, distorted it and used it to their advantage.

I speak of the Jesus that willingly incarnated to our Earth instead of ascending to the higher planes. Who came though the veil of forgetfulness & had to rediscover his true identity.

Who came to be of service to humanity and teach us of an ever loving and merciful God. A God that we could have a union with not through a middle man, but through the heart centre, through Love, peace and care and with one another.

The Jesus who was put to death because his message threatened the established order of the day. The Jesus who for-told of this event and willingly gave his life knowing it was needed to galvanize humanity to his message.

And so as in this modern age as we seek to demystify the one known as Yeshua whom we call Jesus and we seek to emulate his teachings, we may face our own trials & tribulations.

When we find ourselves in our own Garden Of Gethsemane, will we have the courage to stand firm and make the sacrifices asked of us for the greater good?

If so then truly we are following the path already illuminated by this one and no greater honour could be asked of us. And so on this Easter Sunday, may we have a small moment of reflection, for this entity and all who came before us.

First published 13 April 2020

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