To have or to have not Wisdom

So I joined or signed up to this new podcasting App called Wisdom. I appeared to be another podcasting site designed for hosts to interview guests. After receiving an email inviting me to access it, personalise it and ultimately record a short introductory clip, I duly obliged. Logging on I quickly noticed the layout was a live format with people talking and guests joining them with any number of listeners in attendance. My Spidey Sense went off at this point and I made sure to avoid this, mentally noting that I was NOT interested in hosting live conversations.

So after personalizing my profile, I hit the record button to record my 60 second intro……

Ten minutes later, I was still at it!!!! But then to my shocking suprise, I happened to notice that my private pre-recorded intro was being broadcast LIVE!!! This was not in the plan, not at all. So, keeping my cool, I continued on until I felt like my spiel was coming to a natural end, until DOUBLE TROUBLE!!! A guest was request was flashing on the screen indicating someone was waiting to join me and talk LIVE!! This would not do! Not at all!

The very thing I was intending to avoid had now manifested itself. Without seeing an option to make an honourable retreat, I nervously threw myself into battle and accepted the request…..

The rest they say in the movie business is History!!! Well maybe not quite in this case, but somehow I didn’t fall to pieces or freeze in front of my big debut. I very much felt like a radio host accepting a caller on the waiting line, and somehow it worked, a lovely lady from Australia called Karen came on and we had a nice chat. That was three days ago and since then, I’ve done my third live chat…. And like that, I’m now doing that thing I authoritatively stated i was going to avoid, just like hosting in the frirst place and doing video interviews…. Somewhere in the background a metaphysical chuckle makes itself heard….

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