Who are TUFAC?

So I happened to be out on one of my customary walks recently and as I do, I snap anything that catches my eye or interest.

On this occasion it was a sign that had a humorous sticker on it. Funny I thought. Looking back at the pictures I took earlier that day, I ‘zoomed’ on the one with the humorous sticker or transfer. Realising there was a Twitter handle on it, I searched it out on the ‘net’.

Imagine my surprise to find not only a Twitter page, but a website representing anti-facism through a Trade Union football alcohol committee hence the TUFAC (a play on Tupac?) Acronym). They also support a number of goods causes, are pro workers rights and have a eye catching selection of tee-shirts.

I reached out to them, to find out more about them, they seem to be based in In Devon, England, also, I love a good tee-shirt slogan as evidenced in my videos….

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