Part One Contact: Visitors from Other Worlds

An extremely interesting account of someone who has awakened memories of ‘visitations’. These ongoing series of posts succinctly and expressly reveal how interlinked the ‘spiritual’ and ‘non-terrestrial’ are.

Child of Hamelin

© 2021, sonia

The following experience is written from two perspectives. First is an enduring memory I have from age four. The second is from from an astral perspective or disassociated view and a memory more recently surfaced. The italicized portion is memory that has come back over the years and most specifically this past year plus (2020-21). I attempt to illustrate what I saw decades ago using the photos, screen shots and videos of more recent years’ light anomalies or orbs.

Part One will be retelling my experience with little or no comment nor conclusion . In Part Two (or more) I will explore the possibilities, beyond the material realm, using the various opinions and multiple academic, scientific, historic and spiritual sources that I have studied over the years that inform this experience as what can be called “otherworldly”, “spiritual” or “multi-dimensional”. The use of quotes does not necessarily…

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