With Kara Goodwin Mediation Coach and Reki Master

Kara Goodwin is a Mediation and Spiritual Coach, Reki Healing Master, Trans-dimensional / multi-dimensional experiencer, host of The Meditation Conversation podcast and beekeeper.

In my first interview with Kara we discussed how three successive tragedies in her life whilst living abroad brought her to mediation, the discovery of her gifts and ultimate role as a coach in helping others open up to their own path and gifts. We discussed her time learning Yogic philosophy, ancient Yogic meditative techniques and her pairing of these with modern scientific studies of meditation. We discussed how meditation helps with emotional triggers and trauma, inner work and balancing emotions and the planetary shift that humanity is currently experiencing. We also talked about her workshops, 21 day meditation course, retreats and how she used energy healing to revive a struggling tree.

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