Experiments in Trance Channeling.

Ahead of my recorded interview With Channeller of the Round Table energies Vince Kramer, I’m releasing this.

From the Blurb:

Channeling is an American term that describes the allowing of higher dimensional (see vibration or density) entities to telepathically project thoughts into your mind which the channeler in a type of meditative state repeats. In the UK, this form of communication is known as Trance. There is some discrepancy between the two terms and the type of communication a channel receives. There do appear to be different levels of Trance/ Channeling as it depends on how deep into the meditative state and / or how experienced the channel is. Most forms of this communication are in conscious channeling state. The Channel is aware of what is taking place if not necessarily aware of what is being said. Deeper and less common sates appear to be in the deep trance state where the channel is unconsciousness and unaware of what is taking place.

In the UK it is suggested that we have:

Inspirational talking – light Trance and communication with the Higher Self.

Channeling – a deeper trance state in which you are connection with the universal consciousness.

Trance – Communication with ‘ Sprit’ or non-physical entities – philosophy is channeled and the deep trance state.

In this experiment ( its only an experiment) I choose to broadcast it completely unedited so viewers can see exactly hwat is transpring. As I prepared myself to go into the Trance state, I was interrupted by noise in the hosue before I could speak and had to re-prepare once more. There were different levels apparent to me. A very light Trance state where the energy was ‘light’ and then after a short pause to allow for a deeper adjustment, a more heavier energetic state in which perhaps the message began to become more profound.

I haven’t watched this back and submitted it to a few peers for viewing. See if you can discern and phenomenon or overshadowing either around me or upon my physically person. Remember, this is just an experiment, I don’t claim to be fully developed Trance Medium or Channel. Nor am I claiming to be in contact with an particular entity or group of entities…

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