Podcast: Ukraine, Mushroom Clouds and Psychedelics a suggestion.

There is a lot of talk in the media and news of the threat of seeing mushroom clouds over our countries and states as a result of the launching of nuclear weapons. This suggests an escalation in the Ukrainian crisis that is so big that nuclear bombs would be launched at targeted cities causing loss of life on a massive scale and the devastation of cities and surrounding areas. A very grim prospect that would probably see retaliation in the same manner. I would like to suggest that this is in fact a fantastic idea, but instead of ‘mushroom clouds’, how about clouds of psilocybin mushrooms dropped upon each politician and head of state that is contributing to the ongoing crisis. This podcast discuses the role of Psychedelics in plants that grow naturally upon the Earth and the effect and expansion on human consciousness that they have had for thousands of years. Psychedelics and plant medicine which have largely been banned as dangerous drugs in our society’s are now being sought out by more people for the improvements in mental health and cures for harmful addictions that they have been proven to bring. Perhaps if our decision makers were forced to take their ‘medicine’, they wouldn’t be so ‘sick’ and we could all grow and thrive as a a race…

Also Available as audio only format on the following sites. Just search for The Spirit Channel podcast and in the home menu:

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