interview With John Lee. Podcast App Creator and Part Time Philosopher

John is the founder of a site that creates unique mobile apps for podcasters. John’s apps integrates all your social media and followers into one app that is unique for each owner. John, as mentioned is also a part time philosopher who likes to think and discuss the big questions in life. In this interviews, we had a fun discussion around topics that included a universal God vs a personal God, the underlying universal power of love, how our experiences give meaning to our lives and the concept of Karma and suffering in the world. It was a fun interview that could have been extended for hours and perhaps we’ll have more in the future. —————————————————————————————————————————————————————- If you would like to contact John about creating your own unique app, then in addition to the above website, John can be reached on: twitter: / @PodSquadInc Instagram:

Also available in the Home menu and in audio format on the below sites. Just search for The Spirt Channel podcast.

**Apologies about the quality, I’m still working out the best audio/ video formats in which to hold these interviews***

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