A Dream and a visitation Jan 2022

Before I went to bed, I started a prayer, a request, a statement of intent.
I was asking for guidance, for help, for inner knowing, for realization, a sign.
Shortly, during this process, my words became not my own, there was a rush of words that I was surprised myself to hear, which are unknown to me now as I began to fade into sleep… During the night, I had a dream, even now the details are hazy as I record this at just before 3:30. In the dream there was a ghost, a presence that I was aware of within the room. I could feel it surround me. I began to rise into the air, to levitate, much to my astonishment.

There were others accompanying me in the dream, they, the others were shocked and amazed. These others were people who I would not have chosen as dream companions, but somehow they were there and I chose them. Some of them were known to me, others weren’t; the ones that I recognized would not have belief or faith in such matters. In the dream I went over to one Doubting Thomas in particular, clasped him and we both rose and ascended into the air by the force or power of this unknown entity.
My vision changed and I was seeing with my third eye, the aura or etheric body of this person. I said to him zealously, fervently, “now do you believe?” He had a look of befuddlement, of confusion across his face.

After we settled back upon the ground, the entity proceeded to levitate the entire group into the air. We were all amazed, and astonished, we became drunk and giddy with laughter. In my mind I was thinking and thanking this spiritual entity for doing this and having the understanding that it would remain near.

I remember starting to come out of the semi-lucid dream and into my conscious awakened state. When I was thinking about who this spiritual entity was, I started to get these intense vibrations all over my body. I took them to be a sign that this entity was around me, near me as I understood within the dream state, now I was recieving confirmation of it.

The name Mary Madeleine was coming into my head, and I was wondering why Mary Madeleine, as I had no connection to the persona that this entity was and found it strange indeed. I thought of what little I knew about this person, that she was rumoured to be an initiate within the cult of Isis who taught Jesus many things including tantric sex magic. Jesus or Jehoshua was also rumoured to have taught his lover or wife Mary Madeleine or Magdalena the concept of self-realization along with some of his apostles. By this stage I was fully aware, pondering this and the vibrations were intense!

I wondered what Mary Madeleine represented, I thought, Divine Feminine. The vibrations ‘lit’ up my entire body so, so intense, I thought I was physically shaking. I took it as confirmation that I was exactly right. When I thought ‘whoever this is, it’s a very powerful spirit or entity indeed’, my body shook or vibrated so powerfully, I thought I would start physically shaking.

I got up and started to write this in the bathroom so as to not distub the one sleeping with me, and even recalling the experience as I wrote it, I was still vibrating. It wasn’t until I started to write it all down that I remembered that statement or prayer I had fallen asleep saying. I don’t now remember where all the words came from; but I need to write this straight away as the memory was fading all the time. I did make sure to bless, thank and utter light and love to Mary Madeleine for this gift..

At the time of this wrting I was not sure of the validiaty of this visitation or if this entity was who it appeared to be, or even if this experience actually happened, so I held of talknig about it in a public format until I had futher confirmation. I thinkI have got that confirmation now,,,

Image: fineartamerica

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