Interview with Rich Lewis Author, Blogger Public speaker and Coach

In this interview, I talk to Rich Lewis. Rich is the author of ‘Sitting with God, A Journey to Your True Self Through Centering Prayer.  Centering Prayer according to Rich, is a form of Christian meditation that involves silent prayer, sacred Word mantra, visualization techniques and breath control. The difference is you invite the presence of The Creator or God to unify with you and pray though you. We talk about how Centering prayer has changed his personality, inspired massive change within his life, forged a closer bond with his family and cultivated a closer relationship with God.

We also discussed his early life and first introduction to traditional Christianity, Eastern Philosophy techniques and how Centering Prayer has evolved from this clash of Eastern Philosophy and Western Religion. The Universal nature of Centering Prayer, The non-duality of man, Putting on the Christ head, The I AM a divine being; a look at the Historical Jesus and the Cosmic Christ and Rich’s speaking and coaching with Centering Prayer.

Rich can be contacted at his website where a free Ebook Centering Prayer can be obtained :

On his social media sites:

His book is available on Amazon and a free Kindle sample can be downloaded. I can’t recommend it enough!

Also available in the home menu and on

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