Podcast Interlude: Teach/Learning and podcast Guests

This is a quick interlude to explain what is happening  what is taking place with the current direction of the Podcast. As you may know, I have stated to conduct interviews. The video version of theses interviews are available on my YouTube channel and Spotify. As explained in the podcast, as the guest list grows, I have decided to attempt not to reject anyone who has requested a guest spot on the podcast and see what I can learn from them.

This, at times has required me to put aside my own biases and beliefs around some of the concepts and beliefs of guests. To my surprise so far, I have learnt a lot. So for all who read and listen to my words, I state to you, As you have learnt form me, what can you learn further from the current and future guests who will be featured upon the podcast.  Please keep listening or watching as the coming weeks will surely have some interesting guests with interesting tales to tell…. ~TheZenith~

This episode is available to listen to in the home menu and on all below sites..

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