A Dedication

May love and light be the order of the day for you!
May you cast off the yolk of tyranny that oppresses you!
May the grime and dirt that surrounds you be cleansed.
May you like a superhero, rip open your coverings letting your radiant light shine forth into this world.
May your path become clear, the road, straight and your footsteps steady.
May you ascend upon the positive path arising into the light with wings unfurled like an angel!
May the gifts of God that are your birthright, be bestowed upon you!
May the healing light of the eternal creator rain down upon you enlivening, and making anew!
May you take up the firey sword of ArchAngel Micheal and bring justice to the world. May this emblem reveal the truth of unity with all things to those who would cast fear, sow doubt and turn man against man.
May your mission in this Earth be known unto you and may you receive the aid needed to carry it out!
Do not stall, do not tarry, let the wind be at your back and a guiding light be at your front, for the time for you to arise and be dubbed a knight of the round table, a warrior of the light is at hand my friend.

Dedicated to Baleke John. May the healing light offered go where it may.

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