Love is a ripple

Love is a pebble cast into the waters of the heart. It disturbs that unchanging silence that lives there.

It’s upsets the stillness that is to be observed when one gazes upon the surface of the water. It distorts and rents the smooth, linear unity that defines a timeless body of water that remains unaffected by catalyst.

But like a body of water that sees no movement, the heart may also become stagnant growing ever more murky, difficult to penetrate and most difficult to navigate when stagnation is in the ascendancy.

And so love is the pebble cast into the waters of the heart, sparking dynamic change, providing fluidity and dispelling the both crusty and gummy film that has begun to alight there.

And so a person who receives this gift of love, of change, sees their own barriers perhaps their own defences bayoneted too with the simplicity of a ‘plop’, but the force of a battering ram.

The ripples that appear are small but intense for this is how love begins to work. It may be seen to be the dawn of creation itself even the dawn of a new creation in the heart. Firey passion, chaotic upheaval, intense attractions and feelings for the one who is in love. But after a time the magma of heart is tamed and bridled by those soothing, quenching elements of air and water, until the transformative heart settles into her new creation.

The ripples become longer and wider, the times between these ripples slows, and to the one who awaits the tremors of the heart, that these ripples of love herald; they may scan the horizon day by day awaiting the messenger of love to announce its arrival. Forlornity, disagreement, and argument creep in. But for those who remain avid seekers of love, they wait out the drought for when the next ripple finally arrives, it is a deluge bringing new growth, maturity and new depths of understanding.

To those brave adventurers and explorers who set forth in the name of love. Those who would cast their own pebbles into the ponds and waters of the heart; were we would say to you, be like the prospector who sifts for gold amongst the silt at the rivers edge. Be unto the gambler who casts his die upon the table in the hope and faith that the twin lovers of sixes show proudly. Be that person who’s honour is to cast the champagne bottle upon the ships hull, christening it upon its maiden voyage.

Photo by Julia Volk from Pexels

Nothing is ever gained if nothing is ever ventured, everything is a risk of some sort in your journey of life, the way is unclear, the outcome is uncertain but with hope and faith at either side of you and that central pillar of love betwix the two, you may know that your choosing is both blessed and honoured but those loving entities who guide and watch over you.

Dedicated to an Egyptian princess of old Egypt. I have found you again. A.B

Cover image by Johnny Brown on Unsplash

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