Glamour and gender in society and its spititual origins pt.3

Glamour and gender in society and its spiritual origins pt-1

Glamour and gender in society and its spiritual origins pt-2

In the final part of these posts, there are a few observations to look at in regards to glamour in both the human and animal kingdom. We look to the reality of both divine feminine and masculine attributes and states of conciousness, and of our genderless spiritual nature and how our earthly glamour is a homage to this.

I recently watched an episode of Modern Family (The Long Honeymoon) in which the character Gloria (who is always glamorous), decides to dress down and accompany her husband Jay to a meeting in her natural state (they both agree its a bad idea). And although perhaps taken to extremes, it is such a transformation it was incredible to see. In real life this removal of a woman’s glamour can also have an equal impact. Such can be the application of glamour, that the removal of it can make a woman seem or feel ordinary and perhaps, less beautiful. This leads to problems and over reliance on Glamour.

In the pages of the Sandman Comic, the character Dream of the Endless meets the Faerie Naula. She initially is portrayed as an attractive tall blonde woman. But when she is asked to work for Dream, he informs her he dislikes Fairie glamour and asks her to remove it revealing a small brown haired ‘mousey’ girl.

In Nature and especially with both birds and fish, it is the male that attracts the female with its glamour. Brightly coloured feathers, scales or appendages or the one the warbles the loudest or clearest. Usually the victor that gets to breed with the female, is the one with the best Glamour.

When we see benevolent alien humanoid races portrayed in media, they are usually tall, thin, hairless and sexless with no apparent distinction between the male and female (or other) if they even have gender.

In metaphysics, it is said that the material, scientific world is masculine while the non-physical, spiritual world is feminine. This is why the feminine gender has the very real concept of female intuition. They dominate psychic, spiritual and anything that concerns development of non-physical or non-material science.

As mentioned before, we have the concept of the divine feminine (and masculine) and transgenderism (for more on this concept, read my two part posts on Transgenderism and the Divine Masculine / Feminine.

For those who find this an odd, weird, strange fetish concept, then I ask you to consider it no more, do not concern yourselves with this concept that troubles your mind. But for those intrigued, or at least find something in this writing that somehow has kept you reading, then I ask you to consider the Possibility of trying on a different gender for a day. What would it feel like for you if you could swap genders for even a day? What would be the first thing that you, that you’ve always wondered about or envied about the other gender that you can’t currently do now. Perhaps either due to physical limitations or to societal norms? What if you could extend that swap for a week, a month, a year. What if…. You could have both of these at the same time and swap and assume the gender that you feel most comfortable with at any one time?


What if…… you were able to merge, or unify both of these aspects into one being. Not necessarily physically, but emotionally, mentally and spiritually! What if you connected with another (or others) that you were attracted to, not simply on a physical level; but due to the vibrancy of their energy and during your love making or sex you could easily swap genders? Dominant and dominated, passive and aggressive? Logical and chaotic? Giver and taker? Masculine and Feminine? What type of world would we live in? A more peaceful, unified world were we understood what each was experiencing; based upon that shared experience of the delights and hardships that each gender experiences?

We need to re-unify and balance out the polarisations of our Masculine and Feminine genders and I believe that the shared concept of Glamour plays a big part in this. When we do, we can then start to evolve towards our even more fantastical light-body which is the origin of our need for glamour. Imagine being covered in diamonds and sparkles, that are an integral part of your light body. They radiate and sparkle and shimmer on and off, winking in and out of existence, offering a be-dazzling and enrapturing image, this is (and can be) the reality of your light body.

But you don’t have to wait to naturally evolve to this spiritual state, you can close your eyes and visualize it and manifest some of that state into this current life. You may not actually look like this, but you will begin to radiate that inner light outwards.

Because ultimately, glamour is on the inside.

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