Glamour and gender in society and its spiritual origins Pt.2

Glamour and gender in society and its spiritual origins pt-1

**Part two of this series of posts is concerned with the history of Glamour and the future of Glamour and Gender.**

I think we when examine our history and especially the Egyptian culture (I use this culture as the fabled civilizations of Atlantis and Lumeria remains just that to mainstream culture and academia) we can see not a savage uncivilized society, but one of great renown, advanced architecture and knowledge that rival’s our society today in many aspects. But more importantly, they were a culture in balance with each other, glamour in particular was as aspect of this society that was used by both sexes. It may be said in a lot of aspects, that the only thing that separated the genders, was biology. I believe this is the reason why there was so much higher dimensional activity, so many different non-terrestrial races and visitations; and why the Ra group communicated The Law Of One to this culture, because of the harmonious society that existed at the time…

Ra, as part of its teachings taught the concept of magic to this culture (later to become inverted or distorted). We see in our history that glamour is identified as a form of magic. Old sea-goers told tales of mermaids, half fish, half human female that had by the use of glamour had captivating beauty and voices that lured men to their deaths. A famous telling of this, is the story of Odysseus and the Sirens by Homer in his famous work The Odyssey. In this instance the glamour is used by the Sirens, half bird, half human female.

A Conceptual siren by NPye13 on Deviant Art

Later in the middle ages, we had tales of witches, using a spell or casting a glamour on someone, usually to make them fall in love. Any person (think woman) suspected of suspected of using magic or glamour was condemned as being a witch and burnt alive. Glamour pervades our literature throughout the ages, making its way into Disneyfied versions of classic fairy tales. has this to say about glamour:

The word glamour originally referred to a magical or even unreal charm or beauty attached to a person or an object. Today you can still glamour, or cast a spell over, someone, but you probably won’t. More often glamour is now used to mean a certain thrilling or attractive appeal -– especially sex appeal. Glamour is more than just good looks — the right clothing, jewellery, attitude, or friends can produce glamour — the mark of a star.

In Shakespearean England, Women were not allowed to preform on stage and so boys whose voice had not yet broken were dressed as women and ‘glamoured up’. Up until the late 1800’s men and women used makeup to glamourize themselves. This is especially true in England and France at that time. But after this time there seemed to be a turning point where glamourisation became relegated to one gender, one half of the species, one part of the human race. We have seen mini-revivals in the Holywood era of the 1930’s were men were polished if not glamourized. Then in the 1960’s to 1980’s in music with the advent of ‘Rock-n-Roll’, ‘Glam Rock’ and Androgynous styled bands and artists going back as far as Elvis Presley, the rolling Stones. Then later artists such as David Bowie and Boy George.

In the later 2000’s and 2010’s we get the expression of metrosexual, to suggest a more effeminate type of man. In today’s modern culture we have the whole Transgender movement, predominately in men transitioning to women and obviously more men taking better care of their appearance, but still I see such a wide gap between how men and women use glamour and beauty and dress. I see such a wide variety of clothing only for women that is inaccessible to the male half of the population. And I’m only concerned with largely secular countries and societies. Not any religious dominations, native cultures that dress or look a certain way according to their ethnicities.

There is an exuding sensuality and transuding sexuality to femininity that is a mystery to the masculine male

The Zenith

What I’m attempting to get at here, is that I believe that a lot of violent crimes and sexual assaults against women are due to the disparity and lopsided integration of Glamour in the feminine female gender. There is an exuding sensuality and transuding sexuality to femininity that is a mystery to the masculine male. This has largely been interrupted as provocative as in the way a woman chooses to dress, and while this is certainly the case in some instances, in most cases its down to a desire to feel and look glamorous rather than an invitation to be touched or groped. Skin bared is frowned upon or disparaged, slut, slut shaming or whore are used in conjunction when a woman bares too much skin by wearing short, tight, or skimpy clothing; but when we think about it, we are only revealing our natural state, which has been covered up with unnatural clothing.

A girl and her glamour

This goes back once again to the parable of Adam and Eve, where once they became self aware, they tried to hide their ‘modesty’. Sensual words are associated with only the female gender such as sheer, sleek, alluring, pretty, and not men. Types of clothing and glamour are really only a woman’s preserve, lingerie is a massive industry from which men are mostly excluded. Accessories and various pieces of jewellery, nail polish and hair styling are more femininely oriented. Sequins, glitter, anything that sparkles, patterned or printed (animal printed also) are largely for women. The word sensual after all comes from the senses: how things feel and look, how they smell.

Even the very fact that women have less bodily hair and choose to remove excess hair from their bodies is different from the average male. Body hair being a by-product from the great ape body we are evolving from. When we see most types of extra terrestrial humanoid races depicted in media such as films, there rarely seems to be much difference made between different genders. In reality most of our fellow brothers and sisters who have evolved enough to have the ability to cross vast distances of space, have also evolved beyond the simple gender divide we find ourselves currently at. So you see female and feminine ways are indeed a mystery to the average male and what the masculine male doesn’t understand he seeks to dominate, control, use, abuse.

Does this mean women and females are completely innocent in all of this? No. Women can be manipulative, use their sensuality and sexuality for control and entrapment. Women are extremely judgemental of other women based upon their appearance or glamour. A lot of so called ‘slut shaming’ comes from other women being judgemental on other women’s appearance. But I think this is societal norms once again imposed and regimented upon people’s minds.

Glamour can be taken too far and we’ve all seen instance’s where too much glamour is almost indistinguishable from a clowns makeup. In the quest for beauty and perfection, glamour and make-up can be applied too liberally in the mistaken belief that the more glamour and make-up, the more beautiful and attractive one will be.

End Of Part 2

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  1. I have always found it interesting how homogenous ET races/genders are depicted in our film and science fiction. The male and female being only slightly different versions of each other. Does someone know something we do not? I am seeing your point, very interesting and thank you! 🙂

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