Glamour and gender in  society and its spiritual origins Pt.1

These posts are looking at the use of Glamour throughout history, the different definitions of glamour and interpretations of it, its representation within today’s society and the discrepancy between men and women, male and female (etc) with its use.

The first part of this post is an un-posted comment on a blog article concerning a transgender person’s struggles to be accepted in their society.

What is needed is a global shift in consciousness to change the way humanity thinks on a range of subjects, including peoples right to identify with the polar opposite gender, both or none at all. The way I see it, is that this is the future of some of humanity, not everyone will ‘get it’ and some will be ‘left behind’. But these ideals takes generations to come to fruition, we can think about the abolishment of slavery, women’s right to vote and the legalization of same sex relationships. On a physical level, yes we have two biologically different sexes, but on a metaphysical level we have both of these opposites in potential. Just because you are a woman does not mean you are or have to be overly feminine, as a male does not necessarily equate to masculinity. A man can also be feminine just a woman can also be masculine (or feel it).

When we look at society today (in most parts of the ‘educated’ world) women have aped and copied most male oriented clothing, think leather pants or trousers, leggings or spandex, muscle tees have become crop tops and even braces, suits or boxers and its completely acceptable. But for a man to wear dresses or skirts, nylons, heels or women’s style underwear with frills or lace is unacceptable and ridiculed, unless in drag (then its OK as its only pantomime). For a man to want to be ‘glamorous’ is considered as weird or fetish like. And yet its only material, cloth, clothing, inks and dyes. I find this attitude bizarre,…. but then I’m not from around these parts ( if you know what I mean). I think Madonna expressed this very well in her song “what it feels like for a girl.

It has been a patriarchal, masculinely (energetically and physically) oriented world for hundreds, if not thousands of years now. But we hear talk in occult and new age societies of a return of The Divine Feminine, it seems to be a buzz term for “people in the know.’ For me its a counterpart and balance to the aggressive and destructive singular masculine energy and ethos as expressed throughout history and mentioned previously. Its a natural state of being. I call it unity. Today it’s not fully realized within the human psyche and consciousness, and is expressed in terms of non-binary & trans-gender etc. Sadly it’s misunderstood, as most humans are operating from a lower state of consciousness; and some are actually regressing away from this expression of unity, becoming more animalistic, more towards each extreme of opposite expression of energy, or gender. We see this in the use of prononuns to identify more closely to one’s biological gender: Him and His, Her and Hers. To say that I am ‘other’ or the ‘opposite.’

Photo by Mikhail Nilov from Pexels

Perhaps an interesting way of viewing this, is the allegorical story of Adam and Eve. We are told a rib was taken from the masculine Adams body and from it, the feminine Eve was created. A different way of interpreting this story is that Adam was one unified being, which when split created two opposite genders, but both parts of the same whole. To Split the Atom/Adam, get it?

So I don’t subscribe to the idea that people are born in the wrong body or have the wrong gender, this goes beyond and before birth, and as I said in the beginning we are moving towards a state of evolved consciousness in which this reunification of the ‘Adam’ is a natural state of being, not only metaphysical but physically also. Glamour is the reflection of our true light bodies. It is my contention that Glamour is a physical manifestation of a dormant memory of our spiritual light bodies, shining and beautiful.

End of part 1.

Part Two of Glamour and Gender in Society and its spiritual origins can be read by clicking here.

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