Frequency changes, Joy & Love

‘Change your frequency, change your vibration’..

Advice for today from those who guide us.  This was when I was just awakening around 8am today.
To elaborate this means the frequency of
your thought patterns. If you can imagine joy and love coming to you, on its way to you, being streamed to you if you will, how does that make you feel? To be the beneficiary of such gifts? That you are going to feel Love, that you are going to feel Joy; then by its very nature you already begin to feel Joy and love and thereby your frequency starts to change!

When I thought upon this and remembered that feeling of joy and love that accompany  three days of holding that train of thought, I felt my vibration change and my Etheric body lighten. I imagined a radio station constantly pumping out this frequency, and I was insulated from any other thought.

traveler. Darkness descended, and the universe came into view,  I became a space traveller and with that, I began to sink into a slumber once again..

This is similar to Law Of Attraction, whereby you attract that which you wish for.

But it also has in common Third Density lessons as given by those of Ra in The Law Of One. ‘The Moment Contains Love.’ Each and every moment may be seen to contain love if you simply stop and seek out and try to feel it. Each attempt builds upon the last, doubling each previous attempt. It doesn’t even have to be genuine. So powerful an act, that over time, it takes on a life of it’s own and becomes something that you manifest into your life!


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