PodCast #30 Interview with Psychic Medium, Healer and former Head of Northern Ireland’s SNU – Pat James

Pat James is as stated, a Psychic, Medium and Spiritual healer who also happens to be the former President, Healing Group Leader and Treasurer of the Northern Ireland Spiritualists National Union church (SNU). On top of that Pat is also a practiced Trance Medium and has practiced Automatic and Inspired Writing. In This interview, Pat talks about her life growing up in what was to become a sectarian torn and divided Northern Ireland, and how Spiritualism was practiced in this environment, and the hardships she endured throughout.

 She also talks about her spiritual development and various roles she took on within the SNU; her interests and current activities and her philosophy on life, including some advice to aspiring spiritualists out there. A mentor and mother figure to me and many others who have gotten to know her, this interview took place on 21st December. 

Apologies for the low audio, I wasn’t really equipped at the time for this type of interview, but it is a fascinating insight into Pats personal life and a look into the responsibilities of a highly placed member of the SNU… 


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