How Psychic Are You?

A somewhat serious quiz to determine your latent psychic abilities

1. Do You Ever Sense That The Telephone Is Going To Ring, And It Does?

2. Do You Sometimes Know What Your Partner Is Going To Say Just Before They Speak?

3. Do You Ever Have Strong Feelings About Something That Is Going To Happen, And It Does?

4. Have You Ever Been Alone In The House And Suddenly Felt As Though Someone Is Watching You, Or Standing Behind You?

5. Have You Ever Felt Uncomfortable While Sitting Alone In A Theatre Or Waiting In a Bus Queue, And When You Looked Over Your Shoulder, Someone Was Staring At You?

6. Do You Ever Dream About Specific Things Or Situations Which Later Happen?

7. Do You Ever See Pinpoints Of Bright Light round People’s Heads, Or Pinpoints Of Colour Floating In The Air?

8. Do You Ever Seen A Coloured Mist Around People’s Or Animals?

9. Have You Ever Thought You Have Seen A Shadowy Figure Out Of The Corner Of Your Eye While You Were Alone In The House?

10. Have You Ever Met Someone For The First Time And Felt Certain That You Know Them From Somewhere, Although You Don’t?

11. Have You Ever Walked Into A House For The First Time And Immediately Been Overwhelmed By It’s Warmth; Coldness; Happiness; Sadness?

12. When You Are Drifting Into Sleep, Do You Ever Hear Someone Call Your Name?

13. Have You Ever Been Overwhelmed By A Fragrance That No One Else Can Smell, Which Reminds You Of A Dead Relative Or Friend?

14. Have You Ever Handled A Piece Of Antique Jewellery And Found Pictures And Impressions Forming In Your Mind?

15. Have Strong Feelings Ever Forewarned You Not To Go To A Certain Place Or Do A Particular Thing?

16. Have You Ever Had Bad Feelings About Someone Whom Everyone Else Likes?

17. When Someone Is Unwell Do You Feel Compelled To Place Your Hand On Them In Attempt To Make Them Better?

18. Have You Ever Seen The Patterns On Curtains Or Carpets Change Into Faces?

19. Have You Ever Been Overwhelmed With The Feeling That A Friend Or Relative Or Friend, Living On The Other Side Of The World, Has Had An Accident, And Later Learned That They Had?

20. Have You Ever Felt Compelled To Write A Poem, Or A Piece Of Philosophical Writing Which, On Later Examination, Appears Completely Alien To The Way You Really Think?


It Is Quite Common To Have Experienced Two Or Perhaps Three Of The Things Listed Above.

To Have Experienced Six Or Seven Of Them Shows That You Have Psychic Potential.

If You Can Answer ‘Yes’ To Ten, Or Even All The Things Listed, You Most Certainly Do Have A Psychic Ability. You should find somewhere you can go to develop this ability….

2 thoughts on “How Psychic Are You?

    1. Glad you enjoyed. Many/ most people dismiss these signs as their ‘imagination’. But your ‘imagination’ is your most powerful tool for developing Psychic abilities..


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